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Custom Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

This is a Custom Tube Bumper that was built by a couple of friends of mine while working on a Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler rebuild project. I spent a lot of time helping them cut weld and fabricate all the parts of the front end and the bumper. They designed this using some ideas from another bumper like it. The tubes are bent from 2 inch DOM tubing. It is designed to wrap around a winch and integrated with the front frame of the Jeep.

Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

Here is the initial bottom tube with the Winch protector tube welded in. As you can see the winch plate and fairlead are sitting nicely inside the two tubes.

Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

This custom tube bumper is also tied into the frame and the front spring hangers. In this picture we have not finished the fabrication on the front spring hangers they still need to be boxed in.

Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

Once the Bumper was built to this point The two top side pieces were bent with a tubing bender and the end were filled with Engine freeze plugs and then welded closed and ground nice and clean.

Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

Here you can see our two engineers inspecting the work.

Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

The top outer pieces of tube lay flat and intersect with the front mini stinger hoop and the lower bumper bar. The pieces were a challenge to get lined up bent welded and fit so each side looked the same as the other. I think we made at least 10 attempts when welding and fitting these bars in place. The final result was really cool.

Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

The bumper is now all tacked in place and almost ready for final welding and grinding.

This Jeep has a Monster 454 Engine in it thus the two cooling electric motor fans.

Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

Here we did not have the angle right on the two side pieces, se we cut them off and tried again.

Jeep CJ 8 Front Tube Bumper

This is a nice top side view of the way the bumper will look. The two side bars will make nice platforms to stand on when working on the engine in this big tall Jeep CJ-8. The size and width and angle of this bumper really seem to fit well with the front of this Jeep.

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