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What you will find on

I have a collection of "Jeep" books and magazines. I am adding more tools and will expand the selection of outdoor items very soon.

How does this site works. This site is a collection of Items for Jeeping and camping. Most all of the items are available from This way all of transactions are secure and the shipments are handled by the biggest and best Internet web site. I have also opened my own store with a few products that are on the fringe of really being Jeeping products, but why not. My keychain LED Lights are really cool and everybody needs a Leather Wallet. I have added shopping cart buttons to these items and the checkout and payment is handled by

Why should you look here, vs. just going to Amazon? I have done the work of surfing Amazon for you and brought the links into an easy to access site that concentrates of Jeepin and Outdoor products. You could think of it as a outdoor specialty store.

So check out my collection of books, magazines, maps, and information that relate to being outside. They range from extreme 4x4 Jeeping and competing to basic camping and dirt bike riding, to Street Motorcycles and Harley's. So take some time look around. I hope you find something that "Catches your eye".

My Jeep TJ with a 4 inch Lift sitting on 33 inch tires on the Steel Bender Trail at sunset in Moab Utah.

These are the most popular and maybe the coolest thing on my sight.

I have had a number of people order these this past week so I wanted to bring them to everybody's attention. You can also check out the other tools on the Air gauges page.

Accutire MS-4000GB Deluxe Backlit Lithium Digital Tire Gauge


Learn more about Moab in this Guide Book.
Guide To Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel...

Here is a group of map books. They have colored detail maps of all areas of the state. The are not really topo maps but they do show lots of elevation details using colors.
Benchmark California Road & Recreation Atlas
Benchmark Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas
Benchmark Utah Road & Recreation Atlas
Benchmark Washington Road & Recreation...
Benchmark New Mexico Road & Recreation...
Benchmark Oregon Road & Recreation Atlas

This is a also a very good resource to have when traveling around the back roads . These books are available for almost all states. I have added links to most of the western states. If you are interested in other states click on one of these links and search for the state.
cover Utah Atlas and Gazetteer
Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer
Colorado Atlas and Gazetteer (Colorado Atlas and Gazetteer, 5th Ed)
New Mexico Atlas & Gazetteer
Wyoming Atlas & Gazetteer
Idaho Atlas and Gazetteer
Montana Atlas & Gazetteer
Oregon Atlas and Gazetteer
Nevada Atlas & Gazetteer
Northern California Atlas & Gazetteer
Southern & Central California Atlas and Gazetteer
Delorme Washington: Atlas & Gazetteer


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