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This is the Famous Rubicon Trail near Lake Tahoe California. The Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers set out to
run this trail, on July 9th and 10th of 2006. We had a group of 15 Wheelers. I am proud to say that 4 members
of the Red Jeep club were represented. We even had a new Member (well technically a returning member)
Paul bought a brand stinking new Rubicon Unlimited and this was the first time he had wheeled it. He was
even successful at keeping it a secret for the past month as it was getting built into a serious of road rig.

Well anyway back to the trail. The WOW Outlaws were very well represented with a collection of old Ford Broncos,
a few Sami's, and the rest Jeeps of every vintage.

We ventured over rocks, and rocks, and More Rocks, for 2 days, without much trouble. The only slow downs were
busted bol ts on a front Bronco Drive line, and an Overheating CJ. On the primer the day before the big event
they managed to flop a White Bronco on it's side, but other that that we crawled along and had a great time.

Typical of the Large Granite rock formations that make up the whole mountain range the Rubicon trail crosses.

Big green trees, ever where.

This Road coming out of Tahoe, hug the side of the Mountain. The peaks still have snow the first week of July.



Jeeping Dogs

Happy Campers.

Camp here we are getting ready.

This was our Gate Keeper, it was the first big one that we hit. This is the rock we flopped a White Bronco on the day before.

The Rubicon trail is located in California. It is near Truckee, CA. and Lake Tahoe NV. The Rubicon or “Con” is considered one of the premier Jeeping trails in the country. I would certainly agree with this, but I wouldn't say it is the best or hardest Jeeping Trail.

I have fondness for some of my local Jeep trails in Utah and especially Moab, Utah. Not that Moab is the best either. Moab offers completely different types of trails and challenges for your Jeep or 4x4 Truck, or what ever you take to the hills in.

Crazy Larry zipping along the Rocks.

The Rubicon trail is a Short trail only about 14-16 miles long. It is accessible from 2 points, one located right near the North West corner of Lake Tahoe, the other located about 30 miles north and west of Sacramento California. The two entrances are about 75 miles apart so do a little planning on where you enter the trail, and where you exit. Leave your tow rigs where they will the easiest to get to and do you the most good. We took our tow rig to the head of the Trail on the Sacramento side, so when we exited the trail we were cold and it was late, and we had a 75 mile drive to get our rigs. This prompted us to get a motel room in South Lake Tahoe and go for the tow rigs in the mornings.

So what is this great Jeeping trail really like? It is a blast, from the first Gate Keeper Rock to the last bit of Dirt road it is rocks and obstacles, and rocks and ledges, and more rocks and rocks and rocks. Not that it is an extreme 4+ or 5 trail the whole way it is a good solid 4 to 4+ trail it’s full length, all 14 miles are interesting. You will have your Jeep up and over and around rocks the whole time.

Multi Posers, posing in front of the sign.

Paul in his 3 day old Jeep Unlimited. Oh yeah did I mention that Paul was wanting to be a member of the RedJeepClub again, so he went out and got this fancy new Rubicon Unlimited and broke it in on the rubicon trail. Yup this jeep is 2 days old here.

This is the little sluice, Arrggg, big rocks.

Paul getting down.

One other thing I didn’t expect was all the water. Water everywhere, we are at the top of some very high mountains and the trail follows a river, and you encounter 3 or 4 beautiful lakes along the way. One nice place to camp is Rubicon Springs, this area offers one of the best swimming holes I have ever seen. The river is terraced with 4 water falls, and nice pools to swim and play in. It is an excellent stopping spot for a hot afternoon. After bouncing along in your Jeep for miles it’s very refreshing to jump into the water falls.

Here I am paving the way.

What type of Rig is really needed, can my 1999 TJ Jeep Wrangler with Lockers, 33 inch tires and a 4 inch lift make it? Yes, and Yes again. This is exactly how my Jeep is lifted and locked. I had a few clearance issues over some of the bigger rocks but had not problems otherwise. My Jeep was “tiny” compared to all the other new Jeep Rubicon’s and Jeep Unlimited’s on the Trail. On the trail with us the early Ford Bronco’s were lifted a lot higher and sitting on at the very least 35 inch tires. But I was not discouraged I did just fine and had a great time.

This is buck islan lake we camped at, everyone went skinny dipping in it. It was cold but not too cold, just right.

Jeeping Dogs

What is needed for the Trail? Roof racks and lot of extra junk is the standard. Every rig we saw on the trail had a large rack of some sort hanging off the top, side or back. This is needed because we all tend to take more and more camping gear with us each trip. It is also needed because the trail is remote enough that you need spare parts and extra food just in case. The best way to run the trail is to plan at least one stop ½ way to camp, tell stories, and relax around a campfire.

Very Nice! A Look at Buck Island Lake.

Spider Lake, what's the deal? Spider Lake is still closed to anything with wheels and camping. Some of the girls and kids in our group walked over to it and went swimming and had a great time. It is safe for swimming and playing in it is just closed to keep the Human Waste problem away.

Loon Lake, is at the southern entrance of the Trail. We stopped and looked at it for a while on the way in. It is a nice little lake in the high mountains.

Buck Island Lake is just about righ in the middle of the trail. This is the lake where we stopped and stayed the night. It is a very nice little lake and offers a great chance to swim, or just dunk your feet. The only thing I will say is that people need to learn what “pack it in pack it out” means. This includes your own human waste. The buck island camp ground areas need a serious cleanup. That’s all I will say before I go off on the subject.


Traveling along, singing a song.

Red Jeep Club!!

Red Jeep, you getting it yet.

Larry Olsen, getting into the ride and the view.

Now this little rock at the top of the Big Sluice, scared the Chicken Burgers outta me. I am within inches of "Going Over" as you can see the spotter is running for his life and I am gassing it to keep from doing an nose dive. Loot at the CB antenna, it's doing a big whip.

Bronoc's can be red too.

This is descending down the Big Sluice, anybody up for a few more Rocks?

Now this is Funny, we break the bolts on a Bronco Drive line and Evan whips out his coveralls and Rubber gloves. The Doctor is in.

These Jeeping Dogs are ready for a rest, they ran the whole trail.

Posers, over my Left shoulder you can see the trail we just came down, in the Valley below is Rubicon Springs, This is a the overlook at the top of Cadillac Hill.

A CB in one had, a HAM Radio in the other, Who is Driving. I was talking on one radio and answering on the other.

Taking a little boat trip on Lake Tahoe.



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