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The Second 4x4 Off Road Trailer I decided to build Page 1, Page 2 ,

I started the build of my second Jeeping trailer on Sunday 9-7-2008. It is the second of a series of 4x4 Off road trailers, I am building this one to test a few different things on the design and to sell. If you are interested in this trailer or a trailer like this one please contact me. I can make customizations as I fabricate it. It is the fall of 2008, Here are some new pictures and some new found information.

This is the base as it was taking shape. I built a square box with 45 degree angle on each corner for the welds using 2x2 inch square tube. When building a box, be sure to check it for square on each corner using a big steel square and then measure the diagonal both ways. If the diagonal measurement is the same then the box is square. I made the outer box then I cut the two cross pieces to the exact length. I could have cut every thing at once but as it turned out the box is about 1/8 of an inch wider than the 40 inches I planned. So the cross pieces are a bit longer than 40 inches as planned.

I made the sides each in three prices and welded them together. This trailer I went two inches taller on the side. This will make them 19 inches inside. I think this is a bit better than the 17 with the domed roof on my first trailer. I am planning a different lid, on this one.

At this point I have the base is not done I need to add the two inserts. but I started working on the sides anyway.

When I was building my first trailer I did a search for off road jeeping trailers and looked at as many pictures as I could find. The overall conclusion I came to, was the trailer needs to be the same height as the tub on the tow rig. In my case I am towing it with a Jeep Wrangler TJ, which has a rear tub that is 19 inches tall. On this trailer the tub is going to be 21 inches tall and the main tub of the trailer will be 19 inches plus the lower frame. We will see how it looks when all is said and done.

Here I clamped the two side together so I would sure they were square when I welded them to the sides. The one I an welding had a tiny bit of out of alignment. The side warped a bit when welding. With this initial clamping the side went on nice and square.

See how I am using my ground clamp. This is a little trick I started using, to attach the ground clamp.

Now I put the other side on. I tacked it in place and then I made sure it was nice and square on the back end where the tail gate is. I front base and then put a bar in the front and pulled the rear together a tiny bit with a tow strap.

At this point I have made a serious jump in progress. I finished the top rails and side. I also got the two section put into the base. The two inner cross rails are made out of 2x2 .060 wall tube. The outer base is 2x2 .120 wall.

I did a bunch of grinding on all the joints as well.

The Second 4x4 Off Road Trailer I decided to build Page 1, Page 2 ,


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