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Welcome to the Welding Center

What is the Welding Center?

It's my shop that accompanies the Red Jeep Club Online Store. I am located in Salt Lake City, Utah. So if you are around the SLC or Utah Valley areas, send me an email message. I have a full set of tools and years of experience installing kits, custom fabrication, and building Jeeps.

I am now focused on Welding and Fabricating Custom Jeep and Truck Products

Welding Custom Parts in one of my favorite things to "Play" with in my Shop. Thus I have built many sets of Custom Jeep Bumpers including a heavy duty rear swing out tire carriers. The Bumpers on my Jeep are my own custom design. If you look you will notice that my front bumper is an air tank. It holds about 1 gallon of compressed air for my Kilby On board air system. The air system uses a York AC compressor out of an old Ford truck. It's a pretty cool system.
Well anyway back to Welding. I have had a number of people ask me about welding, welding custom work, and what kind of equipment is needed. I have a pretty good setup with a Miller Millermatic 210 MIG Welder, a Plasma Cutter, a 300 amp Arc/Stick Welder and a JD squared Tube Bender.
To answer the questions about learning to Weld you can take a class, or learn from your friends, or just start welding, reading, and practicing. Practice is the most important thing to becoming a good welder, once you understand what a good weld is and looks like.
Check out any of these great Welding books if you are interested in more info about Welding or if you are just getting started. Remember that Understanding Metal fabrication, and the properties of Metals is a very important step in learning the welding process. This is also important information in helping you Choose the type of Welder you will need for you projects. Your choices are basically ARC/Stick, TIG, MIG.

Arc Welding is how I started. My Dad gave me his Stick Welder and some instruction along with a bunch of books. I just started playing with it and building/fixing things as needed. After a couple of years I caught the Welding bug and started dreaming about a new MIG Welder. Well after saving and learning and shopping I ended up with a Millermatic 210 MIG. It is great machine easy to use and wow is it ever simple compared to the old Stick. I still ARC weld stuff that is really thick or when I know I want to really burn in a weld. Otherwise I love the ease and simplicity of the MIG.

One area of Welding I haven't tried very much is Sheet Metal welding. But I did find some very good Books on the topic.

To summarize, welding is not that hard of a skill to master. It's fun to glue 2 pieces of metal together. It's also a great way to save a lot of money on Jeeps accessories. I have built bumpers, rock rails, mirror relocation brackets, Bumper Hoops, Roll cages, and many more things for my Jeep. Be careful if your friends find out you have a welder and all tools needed to weld you may end up building all kinds of parts and accessories for them too. My latest project for a friend was a nice rack to mount above his head as an upper center console to hold a HAM Radio. We build it out of 1 inch box steel and angled it up toward the roof like the soft top on his Jeep TJ.

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