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Rock Crawling, The old Competition had died off.

Rock Crawling was the newest and hottest sport in the world of 4 Wheeling. Many new leagues were popping up all across the USA. This was raising the level of Competition between the competitor and even between the different competition leagues.

One of the biggest and best Rock crawling groups was UROC. It started out as Utah Rock Crawling and Off road Challenge, then it merged with ARCA and became United Rock Crawling and Off Road Challenge. Or something like that. The competition was a slow single vehicle per obstacle timed event. To remember the good old days you can check out the 120+ pictures I have here of the Event held in August 2001 In Vernal Utah. I loved the old days old days of Rock crawling. The Rigs were mostly stock bodies and frames with big lifts and updated drive trains. Then as well all know it evolved to a full tube body buggy format. At this level the rig were very custom and did not resemble a Stock vehicle of any kind.

Here is a set of 120+ pictures from one of the older events. It was the Vernal Utah Event, August 2001 UROC Vernal August 2001

When the buggies were in full league competition the RRCA Rock crawling

RRCA. Rock Crawling.

The Rock Crawler Association of America (RCAA). This was one of the organizations running Rock Crawling events across the middle and western United States. Mostly New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah so far. This is cool stuff. Basically it is the what you might call the best Jeepers, coming together to tackle the rocks, bust, dent, break, and generally have fun in their fully modified "Jeeps". I use the term very loosely here because all of the really competitive rigs are the highest standard of "Built" rigs. The competition is generally a two day event based on 14 different obstacles. The competitors are divided into two big groups and each group runs seven of the obstacles each day. Each group is then further divided into two groups so at least four Jeeps are attempting obstacles at roughly at the same time. All of the obstacles are usually grouped in a 1 mile radius, so the people in the crowd can walk between all the different places the Jeeps are competing.

The Events were being being setup in cities or in parking lots. I know that in Salt Lake City out at the Rocky Mountain Raceway they have build a permanent Rock crawling course. They have held 3 events out there. The obstacles are man made out of concrete, and they are extreme, serious competition obstacles. I also know the in Phoenix, AR at the raceway they have built a rock crawling course. Last year for the super crawl they built a temporary course in the parking lot of one of the casinos in Los Vegas for the finals, or the Super Crawl.

Real World Rock Crawling.

I know that most of us are very happy with a more simpler form of rock crawling. Just packing up the family, or friends and some camping gear, and heading out to the woods or the mountains for a couple of days or weeks of following trails, camping and enjoying the outdoors and a camp fire or two. This is the best and most basic form of four Wheeling. The the time and family on a moderately rated trail and have fun.

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