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HAM Radio Antenna Party

By Ian Parish

Marking the spot on the base for drilling.

Chris marks the base plate.

Drilling the base plate.

Close up.

Jed is our Hero. He put the whole plan together and got all the parts as well as the precision engineering.

Here we are drilling the antenna rod into the die. This makes quick work of threading the end of the rod so that it can thread into the base connector.

We are being very careful on the measurements.

The final assembly line.

Here Chris needs supervision

This is a handy dandy tools used to thread the ends on the antenna rods.

This was a super neat trick. Put the Antenna rod in a drill and thread it right into the Die. Zip it is threaded.

The final antenna on a temporary mount.

Tuning the Antenna, or just playing with SWR meters.

The crowd goes wild, they love the Antenna.

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