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Why Should you join??? The answer is obvious... Bragging Rights... When you are bouncing over curbs at the local quickly mart, you will be sure to say to yourself. RedJeepClub. When you are following some other slow Jeeper over a 4+ trail and you are making every obstacle (like those quickly mart curbs) you will be quick to point out to the other Jeepers that Red Jeeps are just a bit better. When one of your buddies finally gets a new Red Jeep or repaints his Jeep in Red Rhino Liner, you will welcome them with open arms. (Well not really, that's reserved for grandma's and those Tree Hugger Subaruuu-driving stay off my land, bug loving, .......) So what's the catch? Nothing, it's free, the RedJeepClub is an extension of the "It's a Jeep Thing" you wouldn't understand. If you are in the RedJeepClub you just know you are in the RedJeepClub, without being a dues paying, card carrying member. So now let me tell you also get. Your picture and your Web site added to the members page of this RedJeepClub web site. So how do you join? Just send me an action picture of your jeep and a story/description about where you go Jeeping.

RedJeepClub (RJC) Members

Call for Pictures !!!!!

I would like your Red Jeep pictures. Well anyway if you are still reading this send me pictures of your Red Jeeps (Or any other color Jeeps) Membership in the RedJeepclub is free (and mandatory) if you have a Red Jeep. If your Jeep is any other color you must beg and grovel and you may even be required to pay(not really) to be a member. (But it will be worth it.) ( Ok whatever.....) This site is a place to share Jeeping experiences from around the world with the world.

Folks we have a winner. Todd and Linda Adams are the newest and Kewlest members of the RedJeepClub. Can your Jeep do this? Thanks for sending in this great Picture taken by at a UROC event.

Here Todd doesn't ever break a sweat as he prepares for War with the Rocks.

Taz Ken from SLC UT. Has a CJ8 with all these extras:
4" SuperLift springs, over axle. (Springy)
35" Big-O freebie tires (Thanks Wade)
DANA 30 Front w/ 4:10 and Lock-Rite locker
Custom Drag-Link and drop pitman arm (Still steers like a tank)
Tuff Country shocks
AMC 20 Rear, Solid Axle, 4:10 w/ Detroit EZ-Locker
Superwinch Hubs
Mopar EFI kit on Newly Rebuilt 258/6
Red Top
QuickAir II
Taz Ken from SLC UT. Has a CJ8 with the ability to pop a wheelie.

Matt Mclaughlin, from Beaumont,TX. Has a 85 CJ7 2" lift 33" goodyear MTRs. The picture above is at ALTO,TX ( He belongs to (TX4WD.ORG) <1300+ members> southeast chapter. Photos of this jeep all clean can be seen at (

Mike Norval says "What the RedJeepClub really needs is another red Cherokee, attached are two pictures, a before and after shot (you guess which is which). I started my Jeep to "man" it up a little (was too "girlie" for me also). So far I have added a 3.5" Rubicon Express super ride lift, Pro Comp AT 31x12.50x15 on 15x10 Tech1 Rock Crawlers (3.75" backspacing), Bushwhacker cutout flares & sprayon bed liner on the rockers and bumpers. So far the most wheeling my Jeep has done is over the curb at the alignment shop. It spends most of it's time driving down the interstate in the Missouri Ozarks."

While we are on the topic of Cherokees, Here's one sent in by Thomas. He says "Here is my 93 XJ, 5.5in RE lift, 33's on simulated bead locks. Front and rear Dana 35's Locked in the rear Gotta love a red jeep."
But Thomas
Is this really an Action Shot? On the trailer? Well I guess it's better than the Quicky Mart Parking lot. Plus his jeep has all it's wheels on it. I am guilty of having pictures on this site of my Jeep is total dis-repair, so I guess I can't tease Thomas too much.

Trya's Jeep shown here in 2 action shots, shows she not afraid of having some serious fun in her Rubicon.. Someone on her web site described it as the sickest Rubicon they have seen. I would say she has defiantly taken this Rubicon to a new level. For more details and specs. Check out one more picture of Trya's rig.

Mark Jackson Alta Loma (Cucamonga) California says "Gotta love the red jeeps!"
Marks says the one thing the RedJeepclub needs is a red Scrambler! Well here you go. The site is complete.
Mark wheels his 86 wherever he can, mostly the deserts of Southern California (around Cucamonga), as well as the mountains. He has been through the Panamint Range, Death Valley, Barstow, The Bradshaw Trail, Rubicon and Lucerne. This picture was taken on a wet day Pig Hunting in Parkfield, California.

This pictures shows Marks's Scrambler Standing tall!

Tim says "This baby's three days old." He ordered it from a small town dealer and although it took four months, He got it for $500 over invoice. The dealers in the big cities are adding $3K-$5K "Market adjustment on top of MSRP. (Net difference of $5-$7K) He has had the Jeep three days and he found this site doing research on lifts. He wants to go with 33's and keep the highway civility. I guess then you have a Rubicon all you need is a lift and rims and tires and you have great trail rig right out of the box. Keep us updated on how the new Rubicon performs.

This Jeep is Karl's from germany.
This is a real international Jeep, We didn't airbrush that cool license plate in it was issued by the German government. Karl is from Germany and likes the idea of a special club, for red Jeeps, (Don't we all) especially since Karls has always had red Jeeps. Six since he was 18. Karl's plans some serious upgrades to his TJ Jeep a Ford8.8 axle swap, locker installation in front as well as lift and tire size adjustment. This TJ picture shows the Jeep when Karl bought it and the other one shows Karl's CJ2A on a X-mas greeting card, both -- of course--- RED.

Thanks Karl

This pictures shows Karl's CJ2A on a X-mas greeting card. Excellent!

Hey folks, Karl is at is again, Here a note he just sent, He is the most serious International Jeep collector I know. Way to Go Karl!
Hallo Ian, this is the red Jeep man Karl from Germany again. I just want to send a picture of my new project, a "red" Jeep from Oregon which I recently bought via Ebay. I haven`t seen it in original yet but I hope that I can pick it up during August somewhere I`m planning on either bring it home to Germany this year in order to restore it this winter, or leave it in the states to drive the Rubicon or Moab Easter Jamboree as my 30est Jeep anniversary next year. Take a look at the attachment and let me know what you think!! I will be sending some more pictures of my TJ which is almost finished, during this week. Have a nice day, Karl

Here are a couple more international Red Jeep Shots, I'm sorry to say I lost the info about the owner, but I know Mims will see these and contact me.

This Jeep is Kevin Nicholes from Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
These pictures are taken either in Big Bear CA or Asuza CA. Kevin has a 3 1/2 teraflex lift with Currie 4.25 springs to hold up my warn 9500i winch. A Tomken tire carrier system in there rear and a Kilby gas tank skid, Currie rockers, Tomken stubby front, AR 589's with/ bfg m/t 35x12.50's, Hick's built dana 44 rear w/4:56 gears, ARB up front, York air compressor, sound system by Sony, uhm....Currie tailshaft shortening kit w/ Currie cardin driveshaft. 1 in body lift. custom tranny/oilpan skid that Kevin built easily its almost 1/4 inch thick JKS disconnects, K&N, flow master w/oversized tubing throughout for cooling. Check out one more picture of Kevin's rig. Holy Flex-it Batman.

Mark Alligood
Mark is the administrator for the Jeep Junkies Web ring, and as you can see he has a Red Jeep and he is not afraid to use it.

Heidi is a long time member of the RedJeepClub. She is Vice President of both internal and external affairs. (What ever that mean's) Here she is overlooking what I think is one of the great canyon views in Moab Utah. She is caption and pilot of a 1997 TJ, with a Tera-Flex 3 inch lift and 33x12.5 tires. She has done a few extra modifications and as you can see. She really likes to go out and tackle the trails with the big boys.

Here Jerry is adventuring through the slick rock during a recent trip to the Escalante Hole-in-the-Rock area of Utah.

Little guy
Here we find our littlest member, lifted locked and really climbing. The adventures start early.

RJH is a member of the Wolverines Four Wheeler's in Michigan. This picture does not show the real adventuring side of RJH, but I bet that nice CJ has seen it's fair share of dirt.

Cory Kilvert, send a picture and a story worthy of Mention, ever if the Jeep is not Red. Yes Sir,'s not red, but my body lift pucks and shock boot are. This is a work jeep! In this day and age of "rockcrawler farmrigs", my jeep represents a throw back to the Willys jeep of the fifties and sixties. Used for Landscape and Logging, it represents Cory's Landscaping, covering the Hudson Valley of New York State. Just like the cj-3b that was on duty at the local gas station a generation ago, that would jump start, tow, plow snow, and seemed to run forever. We still see a few Willys around, but back to my TJ. I ask for a wavier on color, to become a member in good standing, on two fronts. Firstly, I have yet to see a work TJ anywhere, including JP Magazine (I've written them!), so give me some credit. I'm making money...with my jeep. What a perfect world ! Secondly, being a Life Member of The Vietnam Veterans Of America explains my "CORYS" personalized licence plates. Yes, I'm an old geezer, but I've been driving jeeps globally since I was 18. Enough of the war stories. Here's a quick list of upgrades : 1997 TJ Sport 4.0 5 speed ax-15, bought new, Lifted with Teraflex S4T Suspension on Rancho 5000 Shocks, Trailmaster SSV Stabilizer, 1 " Daystar Poly Body Lift, 33x12.5 Goodyear MT/R's on American Racing Baja's 15x8 wheels, re-geared to 4:56/ARB Lockers front Dana 30/rear Dana 35. Warn Lock-Out Hub Conversion 5x41/2/Rear Floater Kit 5x41/2, M.O.R.E. 1' poly raised motor mounts/JB Conversions Heavy Duty SYE Kit/Tom Woods Custom CV Drive line - Tom re-grinded areas of the cv for more flex at droop.New Speedo Gears, Skid Row Engine/Gas Tank Skids/Turbo City Radiator Skid, Turbo City "Rock-It" Air Tube and K&N Air Filter, Red Line Synthetic Motor Oil/Gear Oil in axles, Sun Performance Rocker Panels, DeeZee Jeep Corners, Wet Okole Camo/Black Seat Covers, Tub Herculined with Husky Liners throughout jeep. CB on board, Xenon 6" Flares, Tomkem Stubby Bumper with winch plate, Warn M8000 winch, Master Pull Tree Saver, Tow Lines always on board, Tomken Rear Tire System with bumper, Hi-Lift Mount and Gerry Can, Shackles for and aft. ARB Tire Inflation Kit with their compressor. This jeep is used for landscaping and logging duties. Many construction sites are impossible for most fwd's, but we get to our jobsite. We also cut trails for people on their properties, for ATV and Jeep use. This jeep is used to "Get The Job Done!" Here's a few pictures, I have more snow shots coming of us on a recent trail job. Hope to here from you soon. God Bless America...and Soft Ride Technology! Cory Kilvert, Maybrook, New York One picture is Catskill Mountains Jeep Jam, August, 2002.


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