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These Trail run pages contain lots of pictures and details about different runs and events we have attended over the years. We don't mind hitting the trail with Jeeps, Trucks, Broncos and more. Many more trail runs that our club has taken over the past years, will be added as I get time. Some of these Utah Jeeping trips are from when we just jumped in the Red Jeep and headed out to see what we could see.

  Utah Trails Trails we have found outside of Utah
8-) Moab Utah 1999 Rubicon Trail Lake Tahoe California 2006
  Moab Utah 2000 Rubicon Trail Lake Tahoe California 2008
: -) Moab Utah 2001 Team Trophy Challenge Tillimook Oregon 2005
;-) Moab Utah 2005  
  Delta Utah 2006  
:-0 Jericho Little Sahara Sand Dunes. ATV information for Jericho Little Sahara Sand Dunes.
  Kanab Utah 2005  
:-> Kanab Utah 2007 or last but not least checkout our picture gallery and up load some of your favorite shots
Moab Easter Jeep Safari 1999

Moab East Jeep Safari 2000

What a better way to start the Safari morning breakfast than with a little "Potato Salad".  With a beer in one hand and Yeep'en & Yell'en, yahoos everywhere scream "go for it, hit the gas, listen to my instructions, blah blah blah". With excitement in the air and dust a fly 'n, up up and up the truck went and then.....
down down down the truck came.  Unfortunately, no roll over's but there sure was a lot of "Potato Salad" spilling everywhere..

Then off we all went to see who was going to be Jeeper of the mountain!!!!!

Here's everyone lining up to go on "Poison Spider".  Excitements in the air, engines revving, and a whole
lot of fish stores stretching.............. (Ricks in the RedJeepClub with his Rhino Lined, inside and out, Jeep.)

This is the President of the RedJeepClub turning the first corner into "Poison Spider".

Oops! How did these guys get into the RedJeepClub?  They must have been following the RedJeepClub President. Lets just say they're (Associated Members).

A lot of people would wonder if this man is a professional at what he's doing. Others would not ask because they know better.

Here's John sporting a nice CJ-5 and going with the Safari look of the two tone colored Jeep. He has done a nice job at accessorizing with a beautiful magenta safety flag.  To top this well put together ensemble John is sporting some new BFG MUDDERS, 33x12.5 15's.   As John rolls off the runway, he's poping a wheelie with his new tires going "barurpurpurpurpurpurupr".  Turn those tires baby. 


Here's a modified Suzuki Samurai to handle the toughest of the toughest obstacles.
This is the Golden Crack Obstacles on the "Golden Spike Trail".

Johns not afraid of a little crack.......

"Look mom no hands!"

"At last the Jeep's still RED. "
  Learn more about Moab in this Guide Book.
cover Guide To Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel...
This is a also a very good resource to have when traveling around the back roads.
cover Utah Atlas and Gazetteer

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