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Ham Radio or Hobby Armature (HAM) Radio

Here is a chance to learn about and get involved in Ham Radio

I have had my basic technician class Ham radio license for over 11 years. I use it every time I get in my Jeep or Truck to go for a ride. I have 2 Meter radios installed in my vehicles and in my house. I also have a couple of hand held Radios, also know as handy talkies. Why does this Jeeping and Off road site have information dedicated to HAM radio, you may be asking. Well It is a great way to communicate when you are out in the back country. The way Ham radio works is far superior to CB radios. The range and repeater systems in place for HAM radio allows you to communicate for 100's of miles, not just a few miles that CB allow. The way HAM radio licenses operate you are allowed to Use and unlimited amount of power of a certain set of frequencies, so you can turn up the power to talk to your long distance friends or to call for help in an emergency situation. HAM radio is not just for nerds with big huge antennas mounted on there house. It is a great hobby and a great tools to have with you when you are out on the trail.

How do you get involved in HAM radio?

You need to study, and learn some basic information, and take a couple of test and pass them. The information is some basic electronic, some rules of radio use, some information and radio waves and the weather effect on radio waves, etc.

Do I need to learn Morse Code?

No, not for the entry level Technician Class license. Morse code is needed for the extra and general class licenses, but not needed for the initial license. so I encourage you to get involved and add HAM radio to you life.

How do I start?

Find a HAM radio club in your ares and ask for help, ask about a class, or ask for information. Or just buy a book and read it, get online search for some practice tests and practice. Why you are online you need to find the Local HAM radio group and find out about the testing schedule. The HAM radio tests are given by HAM radio operators who are acting as Volunteer Exam Coordinators or VEC's. The test only cost about 15.00 dollars to take so don't be intimidated by the costs.

Here is a good book to start with.

Here is the 5th addition, of the Book "Now you are talking" it's the easiest HAM radio book to read and learn from. This Book includes all the newest information and test questions. You can buy the previous edition and save some money. The questions will all be very close to the current set. The FCC changes and updates the HAM Technician test every few years. This makes keeps the HAM Radio test updated and current with new technology. cover
Now You're Talking!: All You Need to Get to get a Ham license and start talking.
This is the book to get if you want to get your license.

Ham Radio
Otherwise know as Amateur radio, is a fun hobby to get into, and also one of the best pieces of safety equipment your Jeep or 4x4 can have. It provides a safe and reliable way to communicate with your friends and call for help, if your group gets stuck or you have a severe break down.

Getting involved with Ham radio is actually very easy. You are required to pass an official FCC test. But don't let this scare you, all you need to do is get one of the many easy to read and understand books and study it. You do not need to learn Morse code to get a basic Technician License. A few of these books are available here. The No-Code Plus Technician license is available without learning morse code. Taking the test consists of two tests one with 25 questions and the other with 30. The cool part is they give you all the questions and all the answers to study. The question pool is about 300 questions and then the test is made up of a random selection of these 300 questions. The 300 questions are not all unique they cover the same data and are just worded a bit different.

The tests cover a number of topics, from basic electronics, to the basics of radio waves and propagation, to the laws and rules associated with your license.

Once you pass your test and buy a radio you will be amazed by the crystal clear conversations you can have with your friends that live hundreds of miles from you. You will wonder why you every tried to use a CB radio.
Here a few more quick link to good Ham Radio Books
Learning more about Ham Radio
Hello World: A Life in Ham RadioHello World: A Life in Ham Radio
Ham Radio: SimplifiedHam Radio: Simplified
Ham Radio Operator's GuideHam Radio Operator's Guide

Get your General License. The General License in the more advanced license that requires more study more testing. It does reward you with more frequencies and privileges. With a general license you are required to learn Morse code at I think 5 words a minute. Which is not really that fast. And then once you are a general and have learned Morse code you have now opened up a whole new world to explore using morse code or CW.
The Arrl General Class License Manual... The Arrl General Class License Manual.

Antenna Building and Specifications
Antenna Building is one of the best and most rewarding parts of HAM radio. There are many many simple designs available for many different antennas. You can build anything from a small mobile antenna to a large permanent antenna on your house or a tower. You can build antenna that work on many different frequencies and or multiple frequencies. The possibilities are almost endless.
The Arrl Handbook for Radio Amateurs... The Arrl Handbook for Radio Amateurs.
The Arrl Antenna Book The Arrl Antenna Book
Practical Antenna Handbook Practical Antenna Handbook

Study Radio Frequencies

Complete RF Technician's Handbook Complete RF Technician's Handbook
Practical Radio Frequency Test and MeasurmentPractical Radio Frequency Test and Measurement

Building your own radios and equipment
Remember the old day of the Heath Kits? Those were the days when you could really get serious and build new advanced electronic devices. All the while you were learning about electronics and really learning what makes your HAM radio tick. Well those days are not completely lost. There are still a few very good companies that have HAM radio kits available. Don't be afraid to get into the hobby and learn. Plus remember there are a bunch of really smart HAM radio operators on the air who are more than happy to help you learn and build up your HAM shack.
Radio Handbook (Radio Handbook, 23rd)Radio Handbook (Radio Handbook, 23rd)
Radio and Electronics CookbookRadio and Electronics Cookbook
This search may even show you a few new books that are available

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