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These Trail run pages contain lots of pictures and details about different runs and events we have attended over the years. We don't mind hitting the trail with Jeeps, Trucks, Broncos and more. Many more trail runs that our club has taken over the past years, will be added as I get time. Some of these Utah Jeeping trips are from when we just jumped in the Red Jeep and headed out to see what we could see.

  Utah Trails Trails we have found outside of Utah
8-) Moab Utah 1999 Rubicon Trail Lake Tahoe California 2006
  Moab Utah 2000 Rubicon Trail Lake Tahoe California 2008
: -) Moab Utah 2001 Team Trophy Challenge Tillimook Oregon 2005
;-) Moab Utah 2005  
  Delta Utah 2006  
:-0 Jericho Little Sahara Sand Dunes. ATV information for Jericho Little Sahara Sand Dunes.
  Kanab Utah 2005  
:-> Kanab Utah 2007 or last but not least checkout our picture gallery and up load some of your favorite shots
Kanab Utah's HOG Canyon 2005

Kanab Utah's HOG Canyon 2005

Exploring Kanab's Secret treasures Spring 2005

As a Member of the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association I like to attend their scheduled trail runs. They have them four times a year, spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The events usually encompass one Saturday, but sometimes they spill over into a two or three day event. These events showcase some of the great trails and areas of Utah that are not generally known. The local 4 Wheel drive clubs come out to host the trails.

This is a win win situation for both the small towns of Utah (Like Delta, Kanab, Price, Cedar City, etc.) and the out of towner's who get to see and explore new trails with a local and experienced trail leader tour guide. This event in Kanab Utah was definitely a fine example of just that.

The Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association's Spring Trail Run in Kanab Utah May 13-15th 2005. Any Jeeping event that included the option to run four different guided trails over three days, and included tearing apart a Bronco II axle in the parking lot of the Three Bears ice cream parlor parking lot had to be a great time, but more on this later. Canyon Country 4x4 Jeep Club (, rolled out the red carpet for this event. They claim that nothing was organized and "We will just have some fun and see what happens" but every time we turned around there was great organization and communication.

For me the event started out Friday morning when we got together with a few Jeepers from SLC and the Lone Peak 4 Wheel Drive club. We found out that a local Kanab trail guide was going to meet at Noon for a run. So we got an early start and headed to Coral Pink Sand dunes to play for a few hour before the event.
This proved to to be fun and iwe found a few bug's in Spiderman Jeep. Jake Head from SLC has a nicely built Black CJ8, in the dunes we found a rubbing drive line and worn out hub. Once this was fixed, the group headed out to HOG canyon to explore the Pinnacle Loop Trail.
The description of the Trails says this trail offers Scenic views and Challenging obstacles. True enough the trees were very large and healthy, the flowers blooming and the Cactus green and lush. The Trails offer Slick Rock, Both bright Red (Moab style) and brilliant White/Gray. The trail included many deep sand washes and sand hill climbs. The Pinnacle Loop Trail climbed up and out of Hog canyon and then followed the ridge line along. A highlight of the trail is the Pinnacles formations. This is a set of large gray sand stone spires that seemed to have fromed from nowhere. The trail was fun and ended without much carnage. Once the Group headed for town the Trail leader Mike pointed us toward a good camping spot and mentioned a nice challenging Rock climb back up to the pinnacles. So before we knew it 2 of us headed this way found the hill climb and ran the pinnacles trail backwards. FUN.

Saturday morning the trail leaders had setup a meeting spot in Kanab and a staging area in Hog Canyon. Donuts, drinks and fun were all around as we got ready for big Saturday.

Three trails were offered and we opted for Tom's Canyon. Partly because John Waldron busted his rear axle on this trail two years ago and wanted revenge. Toms Canyon Cutoff is rated at a 4+. Richard Jessop was our friendly, yet fearless leader for this one.

This trail connects to the Savage Point Trail taking a route through the top of Toms Canyon above Kanab. This trail includes steep descents, steep sandy climbs, rock ledges, waterfalls and some side hill areas. It usually causes breakdowns, and broken axles are common.

A well-built rig with at least one locker but preferably two is best for this trail. It is a short but very fun and challenging trail, it also ties into the other two trails. This trail also included a fantastic view of the Kanab Golf Course and surrounding area from about 2000 feet above the valley floor. A few minutes later we were scaling the cliffs and exploring caves in the side of the mountain.

The weather was beautiful, sunny warm and about 85 degrees. Sunscreen (sand magnet) was a must. The 4.5 rating for this trail was just right, around every corner we encountered fun and challenging rock piles, sand stone and other formations covered with the deep coral colored sand.

About three obstacles away from the end the trail claimed a front axle on our U4WDA V.P. Larry Olsen's Bronco II, but he was able to pilot that wild stallion out of there in three wheel drive mode! The trail also trashed a tire on a TJ, ripped an exhaust as well as various other little things.

We all exited the trail safely and headed for the raffle in downtown Kanab. Along the way our trail leader Rich started whispering about a long trail run we could do on Sunday. The raffle was a big success, the Business's from Kanab were very generous donating tools, jacks, toys, chairs, oil, and other cool 4x4 oriented stuff. The U4WD Association was successful in getting many new members signed up, and selling raffle tickets for the Summer 2006 Jeep FUNdraiser. The raffle concluded with the decision to go run a trail Sunday morning, but first we all (Except Mike, one of the trail leaders) headed to the Three Bears Ice Cream Parlor, while Mike took off to get a Bronco axle from someone who had a Bronco torn apart. Once we finished our most excellent ice cream Mike was back with parts...... a complete axle that is. The goods matched what we needed so out came the tools to remove the needed inner axle shaft. We made short work of the tear down. Then off to Jim Harris's shop we went to do the repair. WOW, Jim has a nice place, every tool we could need, and living quarters too! Now THIS is a man's shop! We were extremely jealous, but it sure made the final repair simple. Thanks again Jim.

Sunday Morning we met once again, at 8:00 AM. The trail was promised to be one of the best trails we have ever been on. I will certainly agree.

One of the first things I noticed as we left the pavement was the clear county road markers on the dirt roads as we headed out. Each road has a small brown sign that indicated the Kane county name, the road number, and a picture on an ATV. The ATV indicates that the road is open to all offroad travel,(or does it?) and the road number is indicated on the Kane County map. We headed out toward the Coral Pink Sand dunes, and then North and West, then East, then West and North, then South, and West and.... Well you get the idea. Miles and miles and miles of sand washes and rocks and views and trails and sandstone and meadows and sand pits. About half way in we stumbled upon a sand pit that proceeded to swallow the Bronco II whole. Stuck up to its window frame it was. (Well almost). We had to double winch, with double Jeeps and double tow straps and double trouble, at this point we busted two hubs, two more tires, rear view mirrors, and more. After about two hours and multiple riggings we got it out, I was totally unaware that a Bronco II weighs as much as a Hummer! This was only the beginning of the fun. As we headed out four more rigs got stuck, but none of them too serious. At this point the sun was starting to set and we needed to high tail it out of there. As the cloudless sky got dark, we wagon trained out. A secondary route was chosen home so we ran it like the Baja 1000 driving down sandy washes and hitting the whoop-dee-doos like there was no tomorrow. Now that is FUN.

Concluding at the pavement at 11:30 we aired up everyone(courtesy of the Red Jeep Club's onboard air) and said our thanks and goodbye's promising to come back real soon.i

Successful is probably the best way to sum up the weekend. The Kanab Canyon Country 4x4 Club did a fantastic job of running this event. the trails were fantastic for sure but the fun and beauty of the whole outdoors was paramount to it all.

Official Event Details: Kanab Trail Ride Trails: Savage Point Loop rating 3+ to 4 Very scenic and fun trail with views in all directions. Includes sandy climbs, ledges, sandstone fins, loose dirt climbs and some narrow twisty areas. Although this trail can be done with a stock vehicle with a very good driver, at least one locker is recommended. Some places on the loop part of this trail can be tight for a full size vehicle.

Pinnacles Trail rating 4 to 4+ Scenic and challenging trail with views of the White Cliffs to the north. This trail includes some deep sand climbs, rocky ledges, a very steep and slick sandstone saddle, and the notorious Big Hill that even well built rigs may need to winch up at times. At least one locker is a good idea for this trail. A stock rig can get through without damage, but will probably need a tow strap at times. Low tire pressure works best on this one.

Tom's Canyon Cutoff rating 4+ This trail connects to the Savage Point Trail taking a route through the top of Tom's Canyon above Kanab. This trail includes steep descents, steep sandy climbs, rock ledges, waterfalls and some sidehill areas. This trail usually has some breakdowns, broken axles are common. A well-built rig with at least one locker but preferably two is best for this trail. A short but very fun and challenging trail, it also ties into the other trails. The condition of these trails can vary considerably. Dry weather can result in more deep sand, and wet weather can cause some areas that would otherwise be easy to become treacherous.

There are also many 2 to 3 rated trails in the area. Most have some deep sand but other than that are not difficult. If you have a stock vehicle and don't want one of the challenging trails, or if you would just like to go on a fun, scenic drive let us know

Pictures Provided by Jesse Black Larry Olsen. Thanks Guys.
If you can't get enough Check out this link for 100 more pictures from our Kanab Trip. Provided by Patsy from the Canyon Country 4x4 Jeep Club
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