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These Trail run pages contain lots of pictures and details about different runs and events we have attended over the years. We don't mind hitting the trail with Jeeps, Trucks, Broncos and more. Many more trail runs that our club has taken over the past years, will be added as I get time. Some of these Utah Jeeping trips are from when we just jumped in the Red Jeep and headed out to see what we could see.

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Cat Canyon in Delta Utah

Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association Fall Trail Run, Delta Utah, November 2006 -2099

The Ogden Utah Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers joined with the U4WDA for some desert fun in Delta, Utah, in the Fall of 2006.

Cat Canyon

By Larry Olsen.


This Story was written mostly by Larry Olsen and edited by his friend Mr. S. Bob.

It was a dark and stormy night….. WHOOPS, hit the brakes wrong story.

We entered Delta proper at 8:02 A.M. my Jeeps gas gauge has never understood the concept of showing the CORRECT amount of fuel in the tank so I thought it prudent to fill up now. This proved to be very wise decision, Delta speak says the trail is just “outside of town” wow… time wise we are talking an hour at 67 miles outside of town.

The morning air had a light snap to it but was bearable with your hooded sweatshirt pulled up firmly about your neck

I see a chance to have some fun coming as we hit the trail. 4-11-2099 is a good day to go wheeling, as a matter of fact any day is a good day to go wheeling.

Oh boy look a Paul's doing a twisty flexy dance and getting some air to boot.

From this angle it looks even better. Go Jeep go!

Here's a few more pictures of the fun. Here I got a chance to have some rocking fun. Notice how my Jeep is starting to get a bit serious.

Listen for the loud snapping sound, watch out trail leader, parts might come a flying at an extremely high rate of speed. BANG!! (Did you hear it.)

See me fix the front drive line after that little popping snapping sound. He he he he..

Cat canyon trail in Delta Utah


Here Paul gets a bit twisty as he climbs one of the chutes. Paul likes to put that tire in the air.

While out exploring new areas we often run across history of the old West. This trip offered a look into the past. When we found a plaque describing the Japanese concentration camps from WWII.

Cat canyon trail in Delta Utah

Click on the image for a full size version if you can't read the text.

Cat canyon trail in Delta Utah
Here Kitty kitty kitty.

Here are my final comments on the Event:

Cat canyon was a blast; we had two rigs break at the first obstacle, the one that is not really an obstacle. Just terrible karma for those two rigs, a built TJ broke a rear hub, a Warn premium hub I might add, we think it was a defective hub because it wasn't even being "pushed" when it snapped. A Built Bronco took it's self out after coming down off a rock too hard.

Later on at the "cliff hanger?" obstacle we had carnage with a few rigs. A certain red TJ blew a needle bearing and it went flying at super sonic speed from a busted front U-joint.

The trail was a bunch of fun, harder than last year because of the recent washout.
Johns new expensive rear axle blew out his passenger hub, I don't believe he was even at the obstacle yet. John parked it out of the way and jumped in with Paul who went unscathed thru the whole trip.
And I might add that I saw many different clubs being represented at the driver meeting and out on the trails. The U4WDA's newest club; the Dirtheadz from Utah County were well represented with five rigs. We would also like to give a round of applause for Utah's newest club. Clap, clap whistle.
4x4 Park in Delta Utah.

Notch Peak Desert Dogs 4x4 Club did an outstanding job once again, our trail did not get back in town for dinner until after 7:00 but the cooks stayed and fed us until all people had been taken care of.
The Notch Peaks 4X4 park is nice, a lot of room between obstacles. Their materials and layout are so simple but they serve so many purposes and will be maintenance free for many years. We now have three 4X4 "fairground" parks in Utah and each one is challenging and fun. Price, Richfield and now Delta.

Editor's Note:
Thanks Larry, Keep up the good work!!!

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