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These Trail run pages contain lots of pictures and details about different runs and events we have attended over the years. We don't mind hitting the trail with Jeeps, Trucks, Broncos and more. Many more trail runs that our club has taken over the past years, will be added as I get time. Some of these Utah Jeeping trips are from when we just jumped in the Red Jeep and headed out to see what we could see.

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:-0 Jericho Little Sahara Sand Dunes. ATV information for Jericho Little Sahara Sand Dunes.
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:-> Kanab Utah 2007 or last but not least checkout our picture gallery and up load some of your favorite shots
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Kanab Utah's HOG Canyon 2007

Exploring Kanab's Secret treasures once again in the spring of 2007

As a board member of the Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association I like to attend their scheduled trail runs. They have them four times a year, spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The events usually encompass one Saturday, but sometimes they spill over into a two or three day event. These events showcase some of the great trails and areas of Utah that are new and exciting. The local 4 Wheel drive clubs host the events and lead the trails.

This is a win win situation for both the small towns of Utah (Like Delta, Kanab, Price, Cedar City, etc.) and the out of towner's who get to see and explore new trails with a local and experienced trail leader tour guide. This event in Kanab Utah was definitely a fine example of just that. The Canyon country 4x4 club did a fantastic job with this event, Thanks again guys and gals.

The Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association's Spring Trail Run in Kanab Utah May 5th 2007. Any Jeeping event that included the option to run five different guided trails over two days, and included rescuing a couple of Jeeps on Sunday had to be a great time, but more on this later. Canyon Country 4x4 Jeep Club (, rolled out the red carpet for this event. They were well organized and had a full day and evening full of event planned. "We will just have some fun and see what happens" is how Richard Jessop sums it up. But every time we turned around there was great organization and communication.

I was able to clear my schedule about 1 week before the event. I got on the web site and signed up then email Don Black the president of the club and a member of the U4WDA board of directors. I was amazed that the next day in the mail I received a packet with 2 nice big maps, one of them glossy color with each trail in HOG canyon mapped out and rated. Impressive was the best way to describe this, last minute, yet totally professional.

We loaded up the Jeep, the Jeeping Dogs, the 4 wheeler, and the family and headed south first thing friday morning. 301 miles later we were getting sandy at the coral pink sandy dunes, despite the snow on the dunes, we had some serious fun. The Coral pink dunes are about 12 miles north of Kanab. So with the Jeep chasing the 4 Wheeler, and the dogs, bouncing along behind we had some initial jeeping fun. I mentioned snow, It snow a few flakes and the temperature dropped so our camping plans were dismissed and we headed for a local motel.

Saturday morning we after some Eggs and Coffee at Nedra's cafe we were off to HOG canyon to check out Tom's canyon again. The group was assembled and ready for fun. All 4 trails in the Hog canyon were starting in the same place, after a quick driver meeting we were off. The first part of the trail immediately brought back memories of doing the same thing 2 years ago.
The landscape is unbelievable. The red sand, white slick rock, cactus plants of all kinds, the spring flowers, the cactus were all in full bloom.


we turned off the main trail and headed down into Tom's canyon to get to the first and most fun section of the trail. The valley - gully is straight down a sandy hill and then straight back up. We all jump out of our rigs and ran forward to check out the obstacle. Richard Jessop our "no fear" trail leader slides down the hill, slips through the wash and starts the rocky, sandy, off kilter, climb up the 2 ledges on the other side. Slipping, sliding, bouncing a bit, stop. Back up slide to the left, try again. Here we go, give it some gas. "BANG!!!!!!"

We all know the sound, that really loud sound, that horrible sound, that distinct sound of a rear axle, that is over an inch in diameter breaking. Well that won't slow Richard down for long he backs out of the way, and gets to work. Next up his son in a little blue CJ, after a few attempt, his little jeep is broken too. Things weren't looking good for the Jessops.
the rest of the rigs on the trail found the right line and we all were able to make the obstacle without harm.

About this time the trail leader, with his lunch in tow, came to the front of the line and started hitch hiking. The spare axle he had was not long enough so he needed a ride. As the trail continued, the canyon had claimed 2 jeeps and the trail leader was walking. We headed up the canyon and the next obstacle was a fun one. A steep climb up a slick rock ledge and over the top. As the Jeeps proceeded up and over we lost a spring on a new Jeep TJ. No problem we can put that baby back in. As we are moving the jeep and putting the tire on a hill and dropping the other one into a hole, we head a crash and headed so see what was happening.

The Tail-gunner, was playing Turtle with his nice CJ. You know that silly look when all four tires are in the air and Jeep is mostly upside down.

The good news is the roll was slow and painless. Everyone was ok. We made quick work of rigging a winch, snatch block, a couple of tree straps and a nice strong tree. The Jeep was on it's way to completing the trail in no time. Mean while at the front of the pack the Jeep TJ was back on all 4 coil springs so off we go. A few more obstacles and we we ready for lunch.

The tail gunner sustained a bit of a bump on his hood, and was able start it right up head up the trail.

After lunch John Waldron from the Wasatch Outlaw club, hosted our trail leader and we headed up to the intersection with the pinnacles trail. At the base of ATC hill we met the group that had been doing the Pinnacle trail. They were having fun, and hadn't had any problems so after a few trail war stories they passed and we headed up the pinnacle trail in the reverse direction. steep climbs, sand wash, fast hill climbs, and more amazing views were what we had to look forward to. With the exception of the trail leader site seeing instead of getting on it on a steep hill climb, we all made the sand hill climbs without much extra effort.

At the end of the run we all met and made plans for the amazing dinner and raffle the Canyon country club had planned. at 5:00 we headed to the kaneplex(the fair and rodeo grounds) for an amazing dutch oven dinner complete with cobbler and all the fixing. The club had a nice raffle and more war stories were told. With each re telling of the tail the trail got steeper and the damage got more exaggerated. So new members of the U4WDA who were new to trail riding, we amazing as we talked of rollovers and broken axles. They had a good day on Harris Mountain trail and were enjoying themselves. At you leisure was at the dinner getting interviews after a full day of filming on the trails. Jack Johnson, Kurt Williams, and Don Black all got some camera time.

So all in all the Kanab area is amazing, the trails system in HOG canyon is well marked and accurately rated. The local cub is a great organization and fun was had by all. So if you missed it, make a note that next time you will clear you calendar, fix your rig and go to Kanab Utah for some serious 4x4 fun.


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