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LockRight Front Locker install in a Jeep Dana 30 axle  


Joel German 

While off roading traction is key. Some people use special tires or a locking type differential. I myself have installed a locking differential in the front axle of my Jeep. The locker I installed is known as a Lockright. This is the procedure for installing this model of locker in a Jeep Dana 30 front axle.


            First and foremost you want to make sure you have all the tools and components to complete this install before you start. The tools you are going to need list as follows: Floor jack, jack stands, wheel chucks, star wrench, 36mm deep socket, ½ drive impact wrench, 3/8 drive air ratchet, 3/8 drive ratchet, 13mm socket, 12mm socket, 10mm socket, dikes, 7mm open end wrench, gasket scraper, drain pan, bailing wire and a white marker. The list of components you will need: Locker, spring and pin kit, differential gasket, black rtv silicone, 80w-90 gear oil and new cotter pins.


            Beginning this install you will first want to place the wheel chucks behind the rear tires and pull your parking brake lever to ensure the Jeep does not move. Then you will want to take and loosen the lug nuts on the front tires. Place the floor jack in the center of the front axle and jack up the front end until both tires are off the ground. Place jack stands on both ends of the axle and slowly lower the jack until the front axle is resting completely on the jack stands. Finish removing both tires and set them off to the side. Next you are going to want to remove the brake calipers. After you have removed the calipers you arr going to want to hang the calipers with the bailing wire so you do not tear the brake line. And take off the rotors and place them to the side.


Pull the cotter pin from each axle nut with a pair of dikes and remove the covers. Place the 36mm socket on the ½ impact gun and remove the axle nuts. After removing both nuts remove the three bolts holding the hub assembly to the axle with a 13mm socket and air ratchet. After removing the hubs, pull out the axle shafts carefully so you do not damage the inner seals of the axle. Remove the bolts holding the front differential cover on and drain all of the gear oil in the differential housing. Once this cover is removed you will be able to see the carrier. Remove the 4 bearing cap bolts and remove the bearing caps. Pay particular attention to the bearing caps and which side each one came from. You'll need to install them on the same side they came out of. Use a long pry bar and gently pry out the entire carrier assembly. 


Set the carrier on a workbench.  Using a thin punch, remove the crush pin that retains the cross shaft.  Once you've got the crush pin out, put the carrier in a sturdy vice and remove the bolts holding the ring gear to the carrier with a 13mm socket and ½ drive impact wrench.  Mark a reference mark on both the ring gear and carrier so that you can install the ring gear in the same orientation.  After you get the ring gear off, slide the cross shaft out and remove the spider gears from the differential.  Now is a good time to check the bearings for wear and inspect the carrier for potential cracks or other oddities. Clean the bearings of all grease, oil and grit. Install the Lockright locker into the carrier following the manufactures instructions. 


After the locker is installed and the cross shaft in place, bolt the ring gear back onto the carrier.  Make sure to line up the reference marks on the ring gear and carrier.  Torque the ring gear bolts to the recommended specifications with a torque wrench.  Place the carrier in the housing and install the bearing caps. Apply a little anti-seize to the threads and torque to specifications.


  With the carrier installed and the bearing caps tights, it's time to install the axle shafts.  Start with the passenger side shaft. Using a bit of manipulation, slide the inner shaft into the splines of the locker.  Install the three retaining bolts and secure the axle shaft hub assembly to the steering knuckle. Install the drivers’ side axle shaft and retaining bolts.  Check to make sure the shafts rotate freely and there is no binding. Then reinstall the differential cover with the proper gasket and black RTV silicone. Fill the differential housing with 80w-90 gear oil to half an inch below the fill plug. Then place the rotors back on the hubs and reinstall the calipers. Reinstall your tires and tighten the lug nuts to the proper specifications. Lower the jack and unblock the tires. Take a test drive and make sure everything operates as usual.


Joel German 
    "Abuse Your Junk"

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