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The Second 4x4 Off Road Trailer I decided to build Page 1, Page 2 ,

This page show details of how I made the rear hitch and add the tongue. This trailer will have a nice strong solid tongue and rear receiver hitch point. I am not going to go the expense and fancy design I used on the first trailer I built.

Here I continue with progress, the lower frame is done and I am working on and thinking about the tongue and rear trailer hitch. In the picture is a front CJ 7 leaf spring. I am trying to decide if I will us it or keep searching for an XJ spring. The CJ spring is a bit shorter than an XJ and it is also very stiff. I mean very stiff. I would need to take a spring or two out of it to get the desired spring rate. But ont he other hand the XJ springs I used on trailer one were a bit soft and I think I need to add one of these springs to it's spring pack to make it a bit stiffer.

Here is the piece of 2.5x2.5 .25 that I am using for the rear trailer hitch connection. I put this receiver hook in the rear of the trailer so that the trailer can be pulled on the trail if the driver gets in a sticky situation and need to pull both the trailer and the Jeep up of down or off an obstacle. The receiver is not intended to be a hitch to tow a second trailer. Having two trailer in line would be a very tricky situation that I do not recommend. This piece is about 17 inches long.

The piece spans the rear and the second to rear cross member of the trailer. I plan to weld it to the frame then add the tongue and weld the tongue to the frame and to this hitch piece. This will be very strong and will be able to hold the weight of the trailer and the tow rig in a straight pull.

This is how the rear hitch and the tongue will fit on the base.

This is the front of the Hitch I burned it into the frame before adding the tongue.

This is the rear hitch pretty much welded in place. I drilled a 3/4 inch hole in the hitch before welding. I place the hole 1.5 inches on center from the end of the tube. This hole is a bit bigger than then the 5/8 that is on most hitches but will work fine for temporary holding of a receiver hook.


I did a bunch of grinding on all the joints as well.

The Second 4x4 Off Road Trailer I decided to build Page 1, Page 2 ,


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