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"Jeep Wrangler TJ Bumper Hoop Brush Guard "

Jeep Wrangler TJ Standard Hoop

A complete, Painted Hoop, Standard to fit a TJ: $139.99
Shipping: $18.00
TJ Standard width Hoop
Straight Up, or square to the bumper.
Custom built front bumper brush guard for a Jeep Wrangler TJ. These are brand new custom made welded hoops.


  • This Grille Guard stands tall and strong on the front of your Jeep Wrangler.
  • Adds great looks and protection to your Jeep Wrangler TJ.
  • Bolts right to your Factory Bumper / Tow hook mounts.
  • The Hoop is made from 1.75 inch(diameter) DOM .120 wall tube. This is the same tube used to build roll cages, race cars and custom tube buggies.
  • The hoop is MIG welded to 3/16 plates that sit flat on your bumper.
  • The plate is professionally stamped the holes punched out to match your factory bumper holes exactly. These holes are 5/8" x 3/4" so there is a little bi t of play for easy installation.
  • Painted Black, also available in unpainted or dark gray primer if you want to customize the color. The gloss black paint is very easy to touch up if scratched.
  • Strong sturdy design to take punishment and still look good.
  • The bolts are 30.75 inches wide at the bottom. The Hoop is about 14 inches wide at the top of the hoop and about 12 inches tall. The down diagonal tubes are 14 inches long. As you can see it is about in the middle of your head lights.
  • Fits Jeep Wrangler TJ and Rubicon 1997 - 2006.


    Installation is easy. Remove the top bumper bolts, set the hoop on the top of the bumper and replace them. These bolts are a Torx 55 bolt head. This tool is available at any parts store. I got a Torx 55 at Autozone because of the lifetime warranty. The old bumper bolts can be tough to remove, in some cases plan on using a big breaker bar, with a cheater pipe over the handle.
    I also recommend that you get a good set of 10,000 lbs tow hooks at autozone and put them on at the same time. Place the hoop on top of the factory bumper, and then the tow hooks. Then put the bolts in, make sure to only put them in loosely and get all 4 of them started and turned 1-3 turns before tightening any of them down. If you have bumped or bent your bumper at all this process maybe a bit tricky. But it shouldn't be any problem. I make the mounting holes in the hoop plates a bigger and oblong so it will easily fit.


    Here are a few picture to show the dimensions of the Standard hoop base plates:

    The left plate(standing looking at the Jeep) or passenger side is 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep.

    The Driver side plate is the same 4 inches wide, but this picture shows the total width of the hoop plates at 32.75 inches.

    This shows the inside dimension of 24.75 inches. So from Plate to Plate on the inside the clearance is 24.75 inches.


  • Questions:

    Will this hoop fit if my Jeep has Mopar factory tow hooks and Fog lights?
    Yes, I have a hoop available that will work perfectly with The MOPAR factory tow hooks. It fits right between tow hooks. Click on this picture for more information.

    Jeep Hoop Mopar Tow Hooks
  • Mopar Tow Hooks Standard Hoop
    Jeep Hoop Mopar Tow Hooks
    Can I get this hoop without the flat welded on plates?
    Yes I have them available as a weld on hoop. Click on this picture to order one.
    Jeep Hoop Weld On

    Can you put a bit of a forward lean on the Hoop so it stands out in front of the bumper?
    Yes, I have this hoop available with about a 2-3 inch forward lean to it.
    Jeep Hoop Mopar Tow Hooks
  • Mopar Tow Hooks Leaner Hoop
    Standard Jeep Hoop
  • Standard Hoop

  • Payment Information:

    I accept the following payment methods:
    PayPal, Cashiers Checks, or Money Order
    The items will be shipped when payment is received. I will pack them in a box, and ship them UPS ground. My zip code is 84070 so you can check the delivery time, the most is about 7 days to NY.



    Shipping within 2 days of payment.
    Shipment via UPS or USPS (If you specify or have a PO Box). Items will ship once payment is received. UPS ground has been taking 7 days or less so you won't have to wait.

    Contact info:

    Please contact me with any questions or comments:
    NOTE: My email address is shown here in the picture with my first Jeepin Dog. I had to put it in a picture so I wouldn't get so much spam email.
    Please Buy with confidence. My products are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied let me know.
    I have sold many of these and all of my customers have been happy with them.
    A complete, Painted Hoop, Standard to fit a TJ: $139.99
    Shipping: $18.00

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