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My Off Road Jeeping Trailer Part 13

My Off Road 4x4 Adventure Jeeping Trailer Fabrication Project
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Here is a nice shot of the rear passenger tire side fender view. I got the measurements just perfect for the side fenders. They are super strong and nice and flat and wide. They make very good tables for cooking, snacking and eating on.

Here is a final view of the rear Hitch and the 1/4 x 2 inch flat bar the connects this hitch to the front of the trailer tongue. This will give me all the strength I need in case I have to pull botht he jeep and the trailer out of a tight spot.

A shot from the top of the same thing.

I ran the wiring for the lights and the Electric Brake through the frame and then throght he fender and into the light. this was very dificult to do but the end result was a very clean and trouble free installation of the wires.



I rubber wrapped the Pintle hitch on the tongue, I think this maybe called the Lunnette. I did test the trailer with this hitch and it cut down on all the noise and clanging that I have heard people complain about. After the first 200 miles on the trailer the rubber did wear a bit on the front pulling side. Which is ok I can easily wrapp it again for the next trip. I thought this was a good idea.


This shows the wiring of the electric brakes. The wire comes out o fthe frame to the breaks and the back to the frame for a ground.


Oh boy now we are getting somplace. Check out the view with the tub put in.

To put the Aluminium in against the Steel I use self drilling sheet metal screws. I also put double sided double stick heavy duty tape on the frame then put the tub in and sle it stick to the tub. This was to help is insulate between the steel and aluminium and to keep it from rattling so back. I had to put the tub in and out twice to figure out this trick. The first time I put it in it really rattled and banged around.


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