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My Off Road Jeeping Trailer Part 8

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Moving right along now you can see the trailer sitting with the Axles all in place. I am happy with the way the final under body and spring setup is working. These XJ spring are very soft so they will flex and really allow a soft ride for the trailer and the eggs in the cooler. Plus I won't shack up the 3.2 Utah Beer.

Now for some shocks. I found a pair of Stock TJ shock in the mini blob. Perfect they are brand new and will fit just right between the Axle plate and the upper frame on this adventure trailer.

I think this 1/2 inch bolt will be enough to hold the shock in place. At full weight this trailer won't even have more than about 1000 pounds on it.

To mount the shock to the frame I got a 1/2 in bolt and put it thought he frame and welded it on both the inside and the outside. This will be strong enough and work just fine.

After I weld this I will make this bolt disappear.

Grab a strap and the shock goes right into place.

I Put the tires on it and now you can see the under side is really coming together.


Here is a shot of the of my famous Red Jeep with the trailer sitting behind it in a possible travel position. I was trying to make sure I had the length correct for the tongue when it is extended. I was also learning that I would need to modify my rear tire carrier. I was trying to figure out what kind of trailer hitch I can add to my Jeep. I decided that I would add the pintle hitch side to my existing rear bumper. In order to do this I would need to strengthen the mounts on my rear bumper. So the work sort of spiraled into a lot of extra figuring and welding. This is about right for this project, everything takes extra time and effort. This final solution will be the best because when I am not pulling the trailer the hitch won't be in the way.

I was so excited about the possible fit and design on the trailer I had to mock up the tow angles. Here is a shot of the tongue length as I was trying to find the maximum possible "jack knife" position of the trailer. This picture does jump past to the point where I had the trailer together and on wheels. Notice that the Trailer and the tub of the Jeep are almost at the same level and position. This is very cool and I will really like it in both looks and functionality. I can stand next to the trailer and reach anything inside the tub of the trailer.

Here's you can see a different angle of the maximum"jack knife" of the trailer. Now I just need to build the trailer hitch on my Jeep and the final tongue on the trailer. I am making progress so all is well in winter here in Utah.

I am using a pintle hook and lunette setup. I have read that they are loud and clang and rattle and bang and boom and crash and all that other stuff. I hope to cushion it with rubber and or plastic to make it quiet, but you never know. I will keep you all posted. .

I think this is a cool shot. Of the box from the back.

Here is a picture of a monster roll cage for a CJ8 scramble that I am working on at the same time as the trailer. You can see if you look closely that we added the big new rear halo hoop and the rear down bars. The rear bars are at a great angle and the support bars are level. This hoop is really strong and should support the scramble in the worst case of flopping over.

Since I started talking about the CJ8 Scrambler I was helping build, here is a picture of the final product. This jeep was rebuilt form the frame up using a newer Frame and Tub purchased on EBay. The the old tub and frame were trashed. The Engine was upgraded to a 454 Chevy and the rest of the parts cleaned up restored and installed. A 2 year project that was complete right before the Moab Easter Jeep Safari in 2008.


Off Road Trailer Build Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10

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