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My Off Road Jeeping Trailer Part 13

My Off Road 4x4 Adventure Jeeping Trailer Fabrication Project
Now most of the fabrication work is domne let's do some wiriing to make this Trailer Project legal and safe to tow.

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When I started reading about how to wire my Jeep for the trailer. I found out that all Jeep wiring comes down the rail on the drivers side inside the tub. If you go look there is a plastic sleave full of wires inside the tub that runs all the way from under the dash to the rear corner of the tub in the back. There is a big rubber grommet that lets the wires pass into the fender well under the jeep in this corner. All the recomendation I found said if you are going to splice into the wires then this is the place to do it. Inside the tub so it will be protected from dirt, grime, mud and all the other road grime. Here is a close up sot of the wires and the grommet. I ran my wires up under the fender/tub corner and through a new hole in the grommet. These are the same wires that are on the trailer. Green/Brown and Yellow/Brown.


These two pictures show the wires on My Jeep rear tail lights. The thing to notice is that the Black/yellow wire is in both pictures. Thus it is the tail lights. The tail light are the lights tath come on when you turn all the lights on the Jeep. The Brake/Blinker lights are the other spererate colored lights.

So My trailer wiring the tail lights are the Brown wire. So the first splice I make is the brown from the brown and yellow to the black/yellow of the Jeep wiring. To do this I just striped a bit of the insulation of the Jeeps wire and twisted the brown one around it. Then I soldered it nice and solid and wrapped it in electrical tape. I read I should also use liquid electrical tape but I don't have is and haven't used it so this shoudl work for me.

Now for the Blinker/Brake connections. I connected the Yellow Trailer wire to the Green/Red wire on the Jeep. On the trailer yellow is the drivers side blinker and Brake light.

The last connection I made was the Green Trailer wire to the Jeep wire. I don't have a picture so I will go get one and add it later.


Here is a bracket I fabricated and welded to the rear bumper for the 7 wire/prong trailer plug I am using. I went with this style plug so that I can connect this to my Truck if needed. This way I have all the connections and plugs the same for all my trailers.

The bracket is kinda rough but it will be covered adn work just fine to hold the 7 prong trailer plug.

Here I am trying to find out which wire goes where on the plug. Not I had a diagram and I was studying it very carefully. Once I put the wire on the [plug I realized the wireing diagram was for the socket or the truck side of the wiring. Thus when you put the wire in the plug end you have to do it like you are looking in the mirror. Or you need to do it as if you are standing behind the plug and looking at the back of it. Then where the wires go it just oposite of where the wires connect on the socket end. I did this wrong the first time, so then I had to take them all off the plug and try it again. The second time was a charm and I got everything to work the first time I plugged the trailer lights into my Jeep.

This is a picture of the trailer plug during wiring. I made the wire very long, and in hind sight it is a bit too long, but It will be easy to shorten vs. more difficult to add length to if I had it too short.

Here is a picture of "Danger Kitty" he is guarding the flower bed up front. He is a very good kitty, very low maintenance.

Here is a video of the trailer in action, I was able to take it out for a weekend and give it a run around. You may need to do a right click save as to watch this video.


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