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My Off Road Jeeping Trailer Part 9

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Here is a shot of the my Expert Painter laying down a first coat of this really good paint. I call it Dumpster paint. A company here in Utah that makes garbage cans and dumpster's uses this paint. It is Columbia Industrial Coatings Water born Speedset DTM Enamel 05-078-28. It's a water based Alkyd. It's as thick as peanut butter and goes on really well. To spray it I have to turn up the air and open the valves on my paint gun to wide open. The paint goes on without running and without drips.

As I continued working on this project I painted it a couple of time then I started to work on the sides and the fenders area. This cleaned up the project but also caused problems where I needed to weld new parts to the trailer body. So I needed to scrap of some paint and then I will need to add additional coats of paint after the fenders and light go on. To put fenders on, I added a straight up and down bar in the middle of each side. I used the same 2x2 .060 wall square tube. The paint I used has DTM in the label this means Direct to Metal, so I didn't need to prime it. It would be ok if I wanted to prime it, but I don't need too, so in this case I didn't.

This bar will also add so strength to the sides of the trailer. I was initially planning this, I just waited until I was ready for the fenders so I could get the proper positioning and look. The internal Aluminum box I went with .060 thickness so having a brace like this is a good idea.


I added the support to each side of this little trailer. It will mostly be hidden behind the wheel and is centered even if the wheel is not centered on the trailer box.

This is worth noting as I was working on the fenders I was informed that I needed more strength for my upper shock mounts, so I added another 1/2 bolt in an angle pattern to the original bolt I had sticking out. This takes care of the idea that the bolt it too long and may have excessive force on it. I was working with a mechanical engineer and he explained to me all the different forces that can be put on a bolt like this. My new angle brace will eliminate the bending forces that will slowly fatigue the bolt. Even if this trailer is very light it's a good idea to engineer things the correct way.

The other side I also added the washers that hold the shock on too narrow, so I really had to squish the shocks on. It will work but I should have done this a bit better and made the slot for the shock tower wider.

Now jumping forward to the tub and body. I am going to line the inside of the trailer with diamond plate aluminum. I headed off to a local sheet metal place to get some help. I was very excited and impressed with myself when I got back. I had them cut and bend pieces for the tub out of .60 diamond plate Aluminum. Here is the front section sitting in place. This is going to look really good.

Here is the piece of the main part of the tub sitting ready to be dropped in. If you look really closely you can see how it will fit along the bottom and up both sides.

I think these are very nice and it only took the guys at Kingdom Sheet Metal in Salt Lake City about 15 minutes to make this and the fenders for me.


Off Road Trailer Build Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10

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