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Proud Members of the Red Jeep Club. Submit your picture and story. I will add you to these famous pages. Each page shows details and pictures of some of the best looking and working Jeeps. Check out the details and build your Jeep to match, then send your pictures this way. Or if you have a nice write up of something very serious and cool you have built on your rig. Please send it my way and I will make you famous.

TJ's Al George
TJ's Our Newest and A very Serious Member, Jason Lamping A very Serious Member, Jeff VanCleve

Sarah's Stock Red 2005 Rocky Mountain Edition Jeep Wrangler

Tim in a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
  Paul Hansen's 2006 Rubicon Unlimited Tyra in a nice Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
: -) Larry's Red Jeep Wrangler 1997 Edition Karl from Germany in a nice TJ
  Brannan Holland in his Jeep Wrangler TJ Kaleb Morrell and his Red TJ
YJ's Todd Adams in a Jeep Wrangler YJ Rock Crawler Kevin in a Jeep Wrangler TJ
  B. C. Hoag. in his Red Wrangler YJ  
  Dennis Waganaar has a very nice YJ Wrangler  
CJ's Matt Mclaughlin, in a 85 CJ7 Taz Ken in a Jeep Scrambler CJ8
  Olaf Kilthau, in a serious CJ Mark Jackson in a nice red Scrambler CJ8
    Brett is his Custom Built CJ8 scrambler.
XJ's Jack Curtis in his Jeep Cherokee XJ Mike Norval in his Jeep Cherokee XJ


Thomas in his Jeep Cherokee XJ Ryan Ward is a beautiful Yellow Cherokee XJ with 6 inches of lift
Name: Ryan Ward
City: Northern Utah.
State: Utah.

Color: Yellow with a capital Yellow.
Engine: 4.0 L.
Cylinders: 4.
Transmission: stock.
Transfer Case: stock.

Lift Size: 5.5 to 6 inches with 33 inch tires. Actually 285-70-17. They come out to a 33-11.50
Rim Back Space: 4.5 inches.
Its running 5 inch DPG coils with a 1.5 inch spacer in front
The rear is 3.5 inch Deaver springs with a 1.5 inch boomerang shackle and for now until it gets new axles.
The Ubolt eliminators from TNT raises the perches 1.5 inches so when the D44 goes in the block will go bye bye.
17X8 Eagle alloy wheels
285-70-17 BFG KTMs
 Front Axle: stock.
Rear Axle: stock.
Axle Gears: stock.
Crawl Ratio: stock.
Front Bumper: custom
Rear Bumper: stock
Tire Carrier: stock
Winch: Not yet.

Mmmmm Heineken, Yummy.

From Looking at the information about, George spent well over a Year Squeezing a Viper Motor into a Wrangler. Or George Wishes he could have a Red Jeep with a Viper Motor.

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